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Moving in May Empty Moving in May

Post  Tony V. on Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:24 pm

Well guys - Looks like I'll be moving to Wisconsin in May... southern half between Madison & Milwaukee. We'll have enough property to setup my own crawler course outdoors and probably can make one inside the barn as well. I've been looking at the WI crawling scene and it seems that it has fizzled out (besides they were way up by Appleton which is a ways for me to go for a comp). I'll probably be on my own for crawling so I'm going to miss out the organized group here in Denver but most of all I'll miss Dan's tuteladge and insight for crawling. He's helped me in so many ways from where I started. It seems that I've finally got a good grasp on the technical aspects of where to put my tires on a climb and how to approach a gate and this happens just in time for our move.

Once I get there I'll give you all an update on what I'm going to be able to setup but I'm open for inputs for what to build. Definately it'll have a swinging bridge to crawl over a gully course or something like that.

Wish me luck & any of ya'll are welcome anytime if you are up that way. Moving in May 607128

Tony V.

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